PylonCam 2.0™ - Why have a tight lens when you can just pixelate the 4k?


We showed action from the playing field. The market prefers to see the reaction of security guards on the sideline.  We carried spare parts and had a greater than 99% deployment rate.  The market said, “give us a Go-Go Gadget pylon that works half the time”.  Due to liability concerns we no longer support any existing PylonCam systems. This product is discontinued, and OUR PATENTS ARE FOR SALE!   


U.S. Patent Nos. 9,817,299 - 10,139,709 - 10,394,108 - 11,181,817 - FOR SALE!

Interested in PylonCam 2.0™ for your stadium?

We NO LONGER offer complete solutions for permanent stadium installation.


Since PylonCam’s debut for the 2015 NFL season, development of new features and improvements has continued each year. Flexibility and player safety have been our primary concern during development.  Nobody cared about player safety, so our systems are no longer available.  Additional benefits would have included high reliability, remotely adjustable video parameters, and the ability to change lenses without disassembling the pylon.

PylonCam 2.0™ at Super Bowl LI

Watch the game-winning overtime touchdown of Super Bowl LI, caught by PylonCam 2.0™

Watch Here