PylonCam 2.0™


Admiral Video’s Patented PylonCam 2.0™ system offers a new look at the playing field as seen from the pylon. Cameras placed on two corners of the pylon are each able to cover both the goal line and the sideline. This innovative design allows the third camera to shoot a much tighter field of view down the goal line.


U.S. Patent Nos. 9,817,299 - 10,139,709 - 10,394,108 - 11,181,817

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Since PylonCam’s debut for the 2015 NFL season, development of new features and improvements has continued each year. Flexibility and player safety have been our primary concern during development.  Additional benefits include high reliability, remotely adjustable video parameters, and the ability to change lenses without disassembling the pylon.

PylonCam 2.0™ at Super Bowl LI

Watch the game-winning overtime touchdown of Super Bowl LI, caught by PylonCam 2.0™

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