About Us

In the early 80s, producing television was cool.  The trucks came from New York City with the gear to make our TV.  Kids pressed their faces to the fence – begging for swag.  Pressure came with the job and everybody smoked.  Six cameras was a big NFL show.  The equipment was finicky and required constant tweaking.  It was in this environment that I began my network career.

Fast forward to today and I am known as the Admiral.  A blatant rip-off of a famous Halsey … but I’ll take it!  I’ve engineered on hundreds of big shows.  Augusta.  Super Bowls.  Olympics.  I’ve even been lucky enough to be on the crew of some Emmy Award-winning sports productions.  The smokes are gone … but so are the kids at the fence.  The wonder of a TV Truck has been replaced by the toys.  The iPhones and iPads.  The GoPros.  The truck in a box.  This is how kids view Television Production today.  Anybody can do it.  But they are wrong.

Great multi-camera production still needs the right tools.  You need the matched cameras and scopes.  You need the big box lenses.  You need the ability to communicate with and to direct your people.  And you need the rare talent of those who have done it at the highest levels.  The truck in a box concept may work for some, but to do it at the network level you need the truck.  My experience is network television and my company makes network level productions.

-Paul Halsey | President, Admiral Video