Packing powerful technology into a small footprint, our NLT-36 truck offers the flexibility and versatility to tackle virtually any production challenge. Complex audio and video routing, multiple transmission formats and paths, and multi-screen outputs are all easily accomplished.

With complete camera, switching, graphics, replay, and audio capabilities, NLT-36 is ideally suited for full production of live sports broadcasts, concerts, and corporate events. In addition, we can provide camera, engineering, and communications support to outside remote productions.

See our Technical Specifications and Equipment List.

  • Admiral Video NLT-36 HD Production Truck.

  • Floor plan.

  • Front Production Bench.

  • Ross Carbonite switcher with DashBoard touch screen controls.

  • Carbonite Multiviewer provides up to (32) monitors.

  • Graphics Bench.

  • Tape Bench with (2) Grass Valley Dyno Controllers.

  • (6) AJA KiPro Racks for ISO records - wired for (8).

  • Fully patchable audio production room.

  • Yamaha LS9-32 console offers plenty of analog and digital ins and outs.

  • Laptop allows for full software control of the audio console and Zeus intercom matrix.

  • Terminal Equipment and video patch bays.

  • Video Control.

  • I/O Panel.